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Learn more about your favorite SAS authors and get access to free book excerpts and Example Code and Data.

You'll find a list of our authors in alphabetical order below. You can also view books in alphabetical order here.

Need help finding the Example Code and Data?*
  • Click on the author's name in our list below.
  • On the Author page, click on "Example Code and Data" under the book image.


Tricia Aanderud

Clark R. Abrahams

Tony Adkins

Paul Allison

Robert Allison

Kevin C. Anderson

Frank Andrews

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Bart Baesens

Brent Bahnub

John Bailer

T. Glenn Bailey

Mike Barlow

William Benjamin

Patricia Berglund

Jonas V. Bilenas

Ekkehart Boehmer

Wendy Bohnenkamp

Chuck Boiler

Bernie Brennan

John C. Brocklebank

John Broussard

Iain L. J. Brown

Mark Graham Brown

David Buckham

Jason Burke

Michele M. Burlew

Brad J. Bushman

Boyce Byerly

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Alan Cantor

Art Carpenter

Robert Carver

Lora Cecere

Patricia Cerrito

Goutam Chakraborty

Charles Chase

Christy Chuang-Stein

Ron Cody

Gary Cokins

Randall Collica

Neil Constable

Emmett Cox

Ian Cox

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Ralph D'Agostino

Thomas Davenport

Terrence N. Davidson

Charles Davis

James B. Davis

Robert A. Davis

Jared Dean

Lora D. Delwiche

Geoff Der

Barry de Ville

David A. Dickey

Craig Dickstein

Alex Dmitrienko

Jill Dyché

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Brian S. Everitt

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Xitao Fan

Douglas Faries

Ákos Felsovályi

Bethel A. Fetterman

Lisa Fine

Tony Fisher

Jac Fitz-enz

Bill Franks

Rudolf J. Freund

Michael Friendly

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Sam Gardner

Satish Garla

Marie Gaudard

Renu Gehring

Michael S. Gendron

Mike Gilliland

Matthew Gillingham

Mithat Gönen

Jacques Goupy

Archer Gravely

Jim Grayson

Sunil K. Gupta

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Angela Hall

Josep Maria Haro

Jesse S. Harriott

Larry Hatcher

Lauren Haworth

Dan Heath

Steven Heeringa

Chris Hemedinger

Don Henderson

Curt Hinrichs

Roger W. Hoerl

Keith R. Holdaway

Chris Holland

Philip Holland

Jonathan Hornby

Bobby Hull

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Jean Paul Isson

Jackie Iverson

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Juha-Pekka Kallunki

Andrew Karl

Sean C. Keenan

Ravindra Khattree

Manfred Kiefer

Laura Klem

Ron Klimberg

Gary G. Koch

John R. Kohl

Arthur Kordon

Lucy Kosturko

Warren F. Kuhfeld

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Kirk Lafler

Lauren Haworth Lake

Gert Laursen

Ann Lehman

Frank Leistner

Andrew C. Leon

Jeff LeSueur

Taylor Lewis

Ramon C. Littell

Rosemary Lucas

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Edward C. Malthouse

Phil Mason

Sanjay Matange

Carol I. Matthews

Thornton May

B.D. McCullough

Stephen McDaniel

Julie McKnight

Fiona McNeill

Jamie McQuiggan

Scott McQuiggan

Sandeep Menon

George A. Milliken

Thomas Miron

Anders Milhøj

Geert Molenberghs

Gregory Monahan

Jorge G. Morel

Derek P. Morgan

Georgia Z. Morgan

Keith E. Muller

Wendy Murphrey

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Dayanand N. Naik

Nagaraj K. Neerchal

Padraic Neville

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Robert L. Obenchain

Walter Offen

Frank J. Ohlhorst

Chris Olsen

Patrick M. O'Malley

Jane Oppenlander

Norm O'Rourke

Rebecca A. Ottesen

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Murali Pagolu

Olivia Parr-Rud

Gene Pease

Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro

Katherine Prairie

Frederick Pratter

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Michael Raithel

Brenda S. Ramírez

José G. Ramírez

Philip J. Ramsey

Tim Rey

Willard L. Rodgers

Stuart Rose

Robert Rowan

Heath Rushing

Robert A. Rutledge

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Jennifer Sabourin

John Sall

Armistead Sapp

Kattamuri S. Sarma

Arnold Saxton

Marge Scerbo

Oliver Schabenberger

Lori Schafer

Sandra D. Schlotzhauer

Josef Schmee

Howard Schreier

Brian C. Shilling

Charles E. Shipp

Jack Shostak

Naeem Siddiqi

Phil Simon

Stephen A. Sivo

Susan Slaughter

Jeffrey Smith

Kevin D. Smith

Ronald D. Snee

Joe Stenzel

Edward J. Stepanski

Mia L. Stephens

Maura E. Stokes

Clement A. Stone

Walter W. Stroup

Evan Stubbs

Revathi Subramanian

Gerhard Svolba

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Willbann Terpening

David B. Thomas

Jesper Thorlund

Randall Tobias

Michael Tuchman

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Theresa L. Utlaut

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Robert Virgile

Edward F. Vonesh

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Jason Wahl

Glenn Walker

Morgan C. Wang

Perry Watts

Kathleen B. Welch

Chip Wells

Peter Westfall

Rick Wicklin

Alan Wilson

Matthew Windham

James Wisnowksi

Russell Wolfinger

Leo Wright

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Mike Zdeb

Aiman Zeid

Daniel Zelterman

Cynthia Zender

Mingyuan (Sunny) Zhang

Xiaowen Zhu

Richard C. Zink

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