Jonathan Duggins
Teaching Professor, NC State University

Jonathan Duggins is an award-winning Teaching Professor at North Carolina State University, where his teaching includes multiple undergraduate and graduate programming courses. His experience as a practicing biostatistician influences his classroom instruction where he incorporates case studies, utilizes large data sets, and holds students accountable for the best practices used in industry. Jonathan is a member of the American Statistical Association and is active with the North Carolina chapter. He has been a SAS user since 1999 and has presented at both regional and national statistical and SAS user group conferences. Jonathan holds a BS and MS in mathematics from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and a MS and PhD in statistics from Virginia Tech.

By This Author

Fundamentals of Programming in SAS® : A Case Studies Approach

By Jim Blum and Jonathan Duggins

Written specifically for classroom use, this title will give new SAS users, including those seeking Base Programmer certification, an in-depth introduction to all the topics required to become a proficient SAS programmer. Topics include working with data in various forms and data manipulation, creating a variety of tabular and visual summaries of data, as well as data validation and good programming practices. The book pursues learning objectives in a spiral curriculum that returns to build upon topics introduced earlier, and at its core uses large-scale projects presented as case studies.