Fundamentals of Programming in SAS®: A Case Studies Approach

Effectively proving that going "back to basics" is never a bad thing, this book aims to increase the skills and efficiency of SAS programmers across the board! Through strategic employment of hands-on learning, self-tests, and in-depth explanations of powerful procedures, both veteran and new SAS programmers are able to learn about programming best practices and how to hone their skills within a structured and appropriately challenging environment. Best treated as a self-paced course, this book can be used time and again throughout a programmer's career to sharpen their skills and minimize time spent on even the most complicated of projects.

Deanna Schreiber-Gregory
Independent Consultant - Statistical Theory and Data Management

Fundamentals of Programming in SAS: A Case Studies Approach is an excellent tool for learning Base SAS and beyond.  The book provides something for everyone: step by step training for the novice programmers and challenging exercises for more experienced programmers.  The case studies provide learners with real applications to programming to help overall understanding of Statistical Analysis with real data sets using SAS.

Ellen H. Breazel, PhD
Clemson University
Coordinator for Data Science & Analytics Masters Program

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