B.D. McCullough

B.D. McCullough
Former Professor, Drexel University

B. D. McCullough, PhD, was a professor at the LeBow College of Business at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Before joining Drexel, he was a senior economist at the Federal Communications Commission and an assistant professor at Fordham University. His research interests included applied econometrics and time series analysis, statistical and econometrics software accuracy, research replicability, and data mining. He received his PhD from The University of Texas at Austin.

By This Author

Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics with JMP®, Second Edition

By Ron Klimberg and B.D. McCullough

Written for students in undergraduate and graduate statistics courses, as well as for the practitioner who wants to make better decisions from data and models, this updated and expanded second edition of Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics with JMP® bridges the gap between courses on basic statistics, which focus on univariate and bivariate analysis, and courses on data mining and predictive analytics. Going beyond the theoretical foundation, this book gives you the technical knowledge and problem-solving skills that you need to perform real-world multivariate data analysis.

*Replaced by Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics with JMP®, Third Edition.

Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics with JMP