Udo Sglavo

Udo Sglavo
Senior Director of Predictive Modeling R&D, SAS Institute

Udo Sglavo is Senior Director of Predictive Modeling R&D at SAS Institute. His team develops industry-leading and award-winning software for data mining, machine learning, and large scale automatic forecasting. He has published articles in Analytics, and is a contributor to The Business Forecasting Deal blog. Udo has served on the practitioner advisory board of Foresight, and holds a diploma in mathematics from University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt, Germany.

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Business Forecasting: Practical Problems and Solutions

Business Forecasting Practical Problems and Solutions

By Mike Gilliland, Udo Sglavo and Len Tashman

Business Forecasting provides an expert's-eye view of the field's latest developments to help you achieve your desired business outcomes. This book delivers an array of new tools and research that can enable more efficient processes and more accurate results. 

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