Business Forecasting: Practical Problems and Solutions Reviews

This book is the survivors guide for business forecasters. It covers a wide range of need-to-know topics from "what is demand" to "why should I trust your forecast."

Scott Roy
Collaboration Planning Manager

This is a wonderful resource for anyone in the field of forecasting, covering all of the major areas that a practitioner would need in order to be successful. This book covers the key areas of concern for most folks dealing with forecast, from basics such as forecastability and benchmarking to more advanced topics like dealing with politics in forecast. I would definitely recommend this reader as a key resource for those looking to learn more or to have knowledge at their fingertips for that moment when they need a refresher.

Curtis Brewer
Forecasting Manager
Bayer CropScience

An essential reading on business forecasting indeed! Every article is in its place, and everyone is worth reading. In spite of my many years in forecasting and planning, the reading was so captivating that I could not stop before it was over. Absolutely a "must read" for every person working in business forecasting.

Igor Gusakov
Consulting Director

The science of forecasting has existed for centuries and continues to evolve. However, while it asymptotically approaches better methods of prediction, it will always have its limits. Forecasting must be recognized as a science and an art. Business Forecasting: Practical Problems and Solutions is an honest and true look at the craft of forecasting. This is a tremendous compilation from some of the best forecasting analytics and business minds of today. A reference that should be on the shelf of anyone whose job is to develop forecasts.

Jim Ferris
Director of Supply Chain Analytics
Clarkston Consulting

The editors do an excellent job of introducing a broad set of topics critical for deploying and maintaining a successful forecasting process within an organization.

Sam Iosevich
Managing Principal

In this age where "big data", "machine learning" and "data science" is attracting all of the attention, the art and science of forecasting is often neglected. Since many forecasting methods and practices date back decades, the temptation is to conclude that "there is nothing new there." This terrific compilation of writings – from virtually all of the big names in the forecasting community – proves that innovation in forecasting is vibrant. More accurate forecasts can be one of the most effective drivers of a firm's financial performance, and the learnings gleaned from this book are sure to help any organization improve.

Rob Stevens
Vice President
First Analytics

This book is a wonderful compendium of demand planning and S&OP insights drawn from some of the best minds and practitioners in the industry.

Patrick Bower, Sr. Director
Global Supply Chain Planning & Customer Service
Combe Incorporated

Finally, a book tailored to business forecasting that is comprehensive for everything from data gathering to the art and politics of explaining why we are wrong!!

Eric Wilson
Director Demand Planning and S&OP
Tempur Sealy International

Business Forecasting: Practical Problems and Solutions gathers knowledge from around the globe some 60 years after computer-era forecasting research began by pioneers such as Robert G. Brown (the "father of exponential smoothing"). As a protégé of Brown's, I appreciate the content as it reflects his aptitude for capturing "lots of good ole logic."

Donald Parent, CPF, CFPIM, CSCP

The editors of this book of essential readings for the business forecaster have achieved their objective to "assemble a mix of the most interesting, important and influential authors and their writings in applied forecasting since 2001." Practitioners as well as Forecasting Managers will find this volume well-organized in these four general areas: Fundamental Considerations, Methods of Statistical Forecasting, Performance Evaluation & Reporting, and Process & Politics, which, along with the summaries beginning each section, make it easy for the reader to find the appropriate selection addressing the real-world forecasting challenge being faced. I predict that this volume will prove vital as a reference to all those who seek "to generate forecasts as accurate and unbiased as can be reasonably expected-and to do this as efficiently as possible."

Carolyn I. Allmon
Detector Electronics Corporation

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