William Benjamin

William E. Benjamin
Owner, Owl Computer Consultancy

William E. Benjamin, Jr., owns Owl Computer Consultancy, LLC, and works as a consultant, trainer, and author. William has been a SAS user for over 30 years and a consultant since 2007. He received an MBA from Western International University and a BS in computer science from Arizona State University. He has written and presented papers for SAS Global Forum, as well as many regional and local SAS users groups.

By This Author

Exchanging Data From SAS® to Excel: The ODS Excel Destination

By William E. Benjamin, Jr.

This book shows SAS users how to create Excel workbooks that are presentation ready, eliminating manual changes to the workbooks after creation.

*This book is out of print.

Exchanging Data between SAS® and Microsoft Excel: Tips and Techniques to Transfer and Manage Data More Efficiently

By William E. Benjamin Jr. 

Describes many of the options and methods that enable a SAS programmer to transport data between SAS and Excel. Excel users and SAS Programmers are presented with tools that will assist in the integration of SAS and Excel processes in order to automate reporting and programming interfaces. This will allow programming staff to be will be able to request their own reports or processes and, in turn, support a much larger community.

*This book is out of print.