Renu Gehring

Renu Gehring 
Instructor & Consultant

Renu Gehring is a SAS instructor and consultant. She is also an analyst at the health insurance company CareOregon, Inc. A SAS user since 1993, she holds the following certifications for SAS 9: SAS Certified Base Programmer, SAS Certified Advanced Programmer, SAS BI Content Developer, and SAS Certified Platform Administrator. Renu is passionate about using and teaching SAS technologies to transform business processes. Her expertise is in combining the power of SAS programming, statistical and predictive analytics, and business intelligence to build effective and actionable applications. She has an undergraduate degree in History and Economics from Mount Holyoke College and a graduate degree in Economics from Brown University.

By This Author

Administrative Healthcare Data: A Guide to Its Origin, Content, and Application Using SAS®

By Craig Dickstein and Renu Gehring

Explains the source and content of administrative healthcare data, which is the product of financial reimbursement for healthcare services. The book integrates the business knowledge of healthcare data with practical and pertinent case studies as shown in SAS Enterprise Guide.  This book replaces Health Care Data and SAS®.

SAS® Business Intelligence for the Health Care Industry: Practical Applications

This book demonstrates how SAS Business Intelligence solutions can be applied to the health care industry and offers detailed explanations of code and tasks in an approachable case-study format. All applications are created with sample data that has the richness and complexity of operational health care data. 

*This book is out of print.