Richann Watson
Independent statistical programmer and CDISC consultant

Richann Watson is an independent statistical programmer and CDISC consultant based in Ohio. She has been using SAS since 1996 with most of her experience being in the life sciences industry. She specializes in analyzing clinical trial data and implementing CDISC standards. Additionally, she is a member of the CDISC ADaM team and various sub-teams.

Richann loves to code and is an active participant and leader in the SAS User Group community. She has presented numerous papers, posters, and training seminars at SAS Global Forum, PharmaSUG, and various regional and local SAS user group meetings. Richann holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science from Northern Kentucky University and master’s degree in statistics from Miami University.

By This Author

Richann Watson | SAS Support

SAS® Graphics for Clinical Trials by Example

By Kriss Harris and Richann Watson

Using real-world examples, this book shows programmers how to create clinical graphs in SAS. The book demonstrates step-by-step how to create both simple and complex graphs using Graph Template Language (GTL) and statistical graphics procedures, including the SGPLOT and SGPANEL procedures.

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Book Reviews

"The book is a highly concentrated exposition of how graphics can be used to illuminate the meaning of clinical trials data. As such, it must be sipped, not gulped. The authors have put a tremendous amount of thought into the content. Every part of the book is valuable and must be digested slowly and carefully. "

Dr. Jim Sattler, President
Satmari Software Systems, Inc.

"There are examples for graphical representation of adverse events, which are not commonly included in Clinical Study Reports in the United States, but are used more often in Europe. Armed with this book, programmers can approach statistical graphics with confidence! This book is a MUST-HAVE." 

Alice Cheng