Trevor Bihl

Trevor Bihl
Research Scientist & Engineer

Trevor Bihl is both a research scientist and engineer and an educator who teaches biostatistics, engineering statistics, and programming courses. He has been a SAS/JMP user since 2009 and provides various biostatistics and data mining consulting services. His background includes multivariate statistics, signal processing, data mining, and analytics. His educational background includes a BS and MS from Ohio University and a PhD from the Air Force Institute of Technology. He is the author of multiple journal and conference papers, book chapters, and technical reports.

By This Author

Biostatistics Using JMP: A Practical Guide

Biostatistics Using JMP®: A Practical Guide 

By Trevor Bihl

This book provides an example-driven, step-by-step introduction to using JMP to solve common biostatistical problems. Topics include descriptive statistics, data visualization tools in JMP, statistics tests, analysis of variance, regression and multiple regression, classification methods, and survival analysis.