Duncan H.B. Irving
Consultant, Teradata

Dr. Duncan H.B. Irving has been a leading consultant in oil and gas for Teradata since 2010. Prior to that he researched and instructed in Petroleum Geoscience at the University of Manchester, and provided freelance upstream data management consulting. Throughout his career, he has worked on data acquisition, integration and analytics around oil reservoir, subsurface and sensor data: in data centers; in extreme field conditions; and in general upstream workflow and data management.

Duncan has led and supported projects across the oil and gas and wider manufacturing industries, consulting at strategic and operational levels. Projects in these industries span scientific, technical, and business domains, and Duncan stays wide in his approaches, for example, marrying modern data science paradigms to long-standing super-computing-driven workflows. He has slowly swapped Perl for Python, and PowerPoint for data art. He has a PhD in glacial geophysics, publishes and speaks regularly on oil industry data and analytics challenges, and enjoys being at the forefront of the emerging analytical ecosystem in upstream oil and gas.

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