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Marie Gaudard
JMP Consultant

Marie Gaudard is a consultant specializing in statistical training with the use of JMP. She is currently a statistical writer with the JMP documentation team. She earned her PhD in statistics in 1977 and was a Professor of Statistics at the University of New Hampshire from 1977 until 2004. She has been heavily involved in statistical consulting since 1981. Gaudard has worked with a variety of clients in government agencies, medical areas, and manufacturing. She has extensive experience in consulting and training in the areas of Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, forecasting and demand planning, and data mining.

By This Author

Discovering Partial Least Squares with JMP®

By Ian Cox and Marie Gaudard

Using JMP statistical discovery software from SAS, Discovering Partial Least Squares with JMP explores Partial Least Squares and positions it within the more general context of multivariate analysis. This book motivates current and potential users of JMP to extend their analytical repertoire by embracing PLS. Dynamically interacting with JMP, you will develop confidence as you explore underlying concepts and work through the examples. The authors provide background and guidance to support and empower you on this journey.

Visual Six Sigma: Making Data Analysis Lean, Second Edition

By Marie Gaudard, Mia Stephens and Ian Cox

Visual Six Sigma: Making Data Analysis Lean, Second Edition allows you to make sound business decisions faster by understanding the patterns of variation in your data and separating it into useful signal and random noise. Leading with a visual approach to analysis, it presents underlying principles, concepts, and a detailed roadmap that enable you to take an active role in data-driven process improvement and decision making. It empowers you to use your contextual knowledge to pose relevant questions, get good answers, and make sound decisions.