Maarten van Dijck Nemcsik
Principal Business Solutions Manager, SAS

Maarten van Dijck Nemcsik, LLM, PhD, has worked for SAS since 2012 as a financial crimes and (tax) compliance domain expert and solution lead. Over the years he has implemented SAS AML, Customer Due Diligence, Enterprise Case Management, and SAS Visual Investigator. Maarten is currently part of the SAS Global Fraud & Security Business Intelligence Unit, being responsible for internal and external training courses for the implementation of the SAS financial crimes and compliance products and project implementation advisory and support. After obtaining a master’s and PhD degree in the field of criminal law and procedure and working as a post doctorate in the field of Organized Crime research at the University of Tilburg, the Netherlands, Maarten worked as a security fraud intelligence officer for ABN AMRO Bank NV in Amsterdam and The Royal Bank of Scotland Group in London. Maarten has published in the field of organized and economic crime, anti-money laundering, and compliance in the diamond sector.

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Maarten van Dijck Nemcsik | SAS Support

Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring Systems Implementation: Finding Anomalies

By Derek Chau and Maarten van Dijck Nemcsik

Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring Systems Implementation: Finding Anomalies offers readers a practical guide to creating and employing effective AML strategies that detect suspicious and abnormal financial activity and protect your firm, and its executives and employees, from the fines and penalties associated with failing to abide by AML regulations.