Michael Tuchman
Senior Statistician, Accolade, Inc.

Michael Tuchman is a senior statistician at Accolade, Inc., a leading provider of Professional Health Assistant services. A SAS user since 1999, Tuchman applies his extensive knowledge of SAS to understanding how customers utilize healthcare, ultimately empowering them to get more value out of the healthcare system.

Prior to joining Accolade, he worked at SDI Health (now part of IMS Health) where he mined healthcare data to find patient behavior patterns. Prior to joining SDI, he developed predictive models in the Health Informatics Department at Aetna. Tuchman received a BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MS in mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

By This Author

PROC DOCUMENT by Example Using SAS®

By Michael Tuchman

This book explains how to work with the DOCUMENT procedure, which is designed to store your SAS procedure output for replay at a later time without having to re-run your original SAS code.

*This book is out of print.