Jeanette Bottitta

Before her retirement, Jeanette Bottitta was a technical writer at SAS Institute where she specialized in ODS Graphics software. Jeannette has had over 12 years of experience writing programming guides, including the SAS® ODS Graphics Procedures Guide.  She has worked with SAS ODS Graphics Designer since its initial release and enjoys its user-friendly interface.

By This Author

SAS® ODS Graphics Designer by Example: A Visual Guide to Creating Graphs Interactively

By Sanjay Matange and Jeanette Bottitta

This book describes in detail the features of the ODS Graphics Designer. The designer application lets you, the analyst, create graphs interactively so that you can focus on the analysis, and not on learning graph syntax. It will take you step-by-step through the features of the designer, providing you with examples of graphs that are commonly used for the analysis of data in the health care, life sciences, and finance industries. The examples in this book will help you create just the right graph with ease!

*This book is out of print.