Gary G. Koch
Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Gary G. Koch is Professor of Biostatistics and Director of the Biometrics Consulting Laboratory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has had a prominent role in the field of categorical data analysis for the last forty-five years. He teaches classes and seminars in categorical data analysis, consults in areas of statistical practice, conducts research, and trains many Biostatistics students.

By This Author

Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS®: A Practical Guide, Second Edition

Edited by Alex Dmitrienko and Gary G. Koch

Analyze your clinical trial data with ease. This book bridges the gap between modern statistical methodology and real-world clinical trial applications. Step-by-step instructions illustrated with examples from actual trials and case studies serve to define a statistical method and its relevance in a clinical trials setting and to illustrate how to implement the method rapidly and efficiently using the power of SAS software.

Categorical Data Analysis Using SAS®, Third Edition

By Maura Stokes, Charles S. Davis, and Gary G. Koch

Statisticians and researchers will find this book to be a useful discussion of categorical data analysis techniques as well as an invaluable aid in applying these methods with SAS. Practical examples from a broad range of applications illustrate the use of the FREQ, LOGISTIC, GENMOD, NPAR1WAY, and CATMOD procedures in a variety of analyses. 

Categorical Data Analysis Using the SAS System, Second Edition

By Maura Stokes, Charles S. Davis, and Gary G. Koch

*Replaced by Categorical Data Analysis Using SAS®, Third Edition

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