More On Categorical Data Analysis

Sample Data and Programs

The data and programs presented in the book are provided by chapter.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 The 2 x 2 Table

Chapter 3 Sets of 2 x 2 Tables

Chapter 4 2 x r and s x 2 Tables

Chapter 5 The s x r Table

Chapter 6 Sets of s x r Tables

Chapter 7 Nonparametric Methods

Chapter 8 Logistic Regression I: Dichotomous Response

Chapter 9 Logistic Regression II: Polytomous Response

Chapter 10 Conditional Logistic Regression

Chapter 11 Quantal Response Data Analysis

Chapter 12 Poisson Regression and Related Loglinear Models

Chapter 13 Categorized Time-to-Event Data

Chapter 14 Weighted Least Squares

Chapter 15 Generalized Estimating Equations