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SAS 9.4 Audit, Performance and Measurement Package, July, 2013 New
This is an update to the Audit, Performance and Measurement package to support the SAS 9.4 Intelligence Platform. This update includes better automation of the configuration process, additional report types, and integration with SAS Environment Manager.

Deploying SAS® Metadata Server with Windows 2008 Server Failover Clustering, March, 2012 New
This paper describes the environment, installation, and configuration requirements needed to enable the SAS Metadata Server (in both SAS 9.2 and SAS 9.3) to execute in a failover scenario protected with Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC).

SAS 9.3 Audit, Performance and Measurement Package, July, 2012
This is an update to the Audit, Performance and Measurement package to support the SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform. This update includes better automation of the configuration process, additional report types, and server status updates using SAS IOM routines to fetch server state and additional metrics. Support has been added to allow server status reporting for the web appserver using standard JMX calls.

SAS 9.2 Audit and Performance Measurement, July, 2011
Sample suite of SAS programs and utilties that customers may deploy which provides a rich set of reports for regulatory audit requirements, performance assessment and status reporting for SAS 9.2 Enterprise BI.

SGF2011 Audit and Performance Presentation, April, 2011
SAS Global Forum 2011 Super Demo on the SAS 9.3 Audit and Performance Package. This presentation includes information on the SAS 9.2 EBIAPM pacakge and a preview of the features in the SAS 9.3 EBIAPM package.

SAS 9.2 HP ICE for Linux, Nov, 2010
HP® Insight Control Environment enables a vast array system management and monitoring features for distributed environments. This package includes installation, configuration and deployment features that describe how to monitor the SAS 9 environment using HP/ICE.

Enhancing Metadata Security Audit Reports, Oct, 2010
The SAS 9.2 Audit and Performance package includes a predefined set of metadata server audit reports. This paper describes the content of the metadata audit information and then details how a site may add a new customized report.

Systems Management of SAS 9.2 EBI, Apr, 2010
SAS Global Forum 2010, Session 276, paper on Systems Management of the SAS 9.2 Enterprise Business Intelligence Environment.

SAS 9.2 HypericHQ Integration , Apr, 2010
HypericHQ is a Web-based management and monitoring solution for systems and network infrastructure. Use HypericHQ to monitor the state and status of the SAS 9.2 EBI environment.

SAS 9.2 z/OS REXX Performance Monitor, Apr, 2010
Enable a suite of z/OS REXX utilities to monitor the performance of SAS 9.2 OLAP server environments for optimizing the performance of the server execution.

SAS 9.2 Metadata Security and Audit Paper, Feb, 2010
SAS Global Forum paper on SAS 9.2 Metadata server security and auditing features. The paper describes generating, interpreting and reporting on security and authorization events.

SAS 9.2 Integration with IBM ITM 6
SAS 9.2 integration package with IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6, using Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) and Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server (TEMS).

SAS 9.2 Deployment Tester, AIX System Tuning
Sample set of SAS 9.2 Deployment Tester programs to query the AIX operating system and report on configuration parameters, for optimizing SAS Enterprise BI servers.

SAS 9.2 Grid Manager® High Availability (pdf,0.8Mb)
Paper on SAS 9.2 Grid Manager support for High Availability (HA) environments. Use the capabilities of SAS Grid Manager to provide HA for critical analytic services such as the SAS Metadata Server in a grid enabled environment.

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Enterprise Management Integration

The Enterprise Management Integration focus area is organized to provide customers and partners with tips, techniques and tools that allow SAS®9 BI applications to integrate and interface with vendor enterprise IT system management facilities. The key areas of focus and goals for Enterprise Management Integration include:

The SAS®9 BI architecture is transitioning into a fundamental element of the IT environment and thereby must operate and integrate seamlessly into existing IT enterprise system management facilities. Therefore, the goals for these integration elements include:

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