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Base SAS

Base SAS® software enjoys its status as the oldest member of the SAS software family. We use these pages to keep you informed of our research and development efforts.

Papers from SAS Global Forum SAS staff delivers many papers at SGF and other user groups. See the various areas of the site for new papers (hint: ODS and ODS destinations, DATA step, SAS®9). Here are a few papers that are of interest across Base subject areas:
DATA Step Try out new features for the DATA step, like Perl regular expressions and hash table and Java object classes.
ODS See the latest papers, sample code, tips, and FAQs for the SAS Output Delivery System.
SAS®9 Learn more about SAS®9 features and benefits.
Universal Printing Create and send PDF, PostScript, PCL, and GIF output to a file or printer.
XML Engine The XML LIBNAME engine enables you to process XML data just like a SAS data set.
Preproduction SAS R&D provides early access to new features in Base SAS Software because we want your feedback.
SAS Notes R&D developers and Tech Support gurus keep track of the most frequently asked questions.

The Tone of These Pages

You might notice that the Base SAS R&D Web pages have a casual tone and style. Read about Paul Kent's mission for the Base Focus Area.

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or later to view the most recent PDF documents. You can download the reader from the Adobe Web site.