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Base SAS

CDISC Support

The Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) develops multiple standards for the pharmaceutical industry. To support CDISC, SAS provides the following tools.

SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit
This toolkit supports clinical data standards such as CDISC, in Base SAS. Currently licensed Base SAS customers can order the SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit at no additional cost. It supports the definition of data standard domains, conversion of domains between CDISC models, validation and conformance checks, and CRT-DDS (define.xml) creation.

SAS Clinical Data Integration
Transform, manage and verify clinical data in support of industry data standards such as CDISC.

SAS 9.3 CDISC Procedure: Users Guide covers the functionality for SAS 9.3 and SAS 9.4.
The CDISC procedure in SAS supports the import, export, and processing of XML documents and content that are in CDISC-defined formats.
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To participate in a discussion about SAS and the clinical trials process, see the Health Care and Pharma forum.