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Understanding the Compression Attribute of a SAS Data Set (2010)
Determine whether compression (the COMPRESS= option) is effective for your SAS data set, and learn about the costs.

Perl Regular Expressions
Find out how to use Perl Regular Expressions, or regexp, to quickly and concisely search through text, extract data from text, and search and replace within text. This is production in SAS 9.

Components Objects and Dot Notation
Learn about the new DECLARE statement to create objects within the DATA step. Hash table and Java object classes are the first two classes provided. Hash object and iterator are production in SAS 9.1 and preproduction in SAS 9.0. Java object is preproduction in 9.0 and 9.1.

ODS Report Writing Interface
This object-oriented feature for DATA _NULL_ report writing is preproduction in SAS 9.1.3 and later. You can build tables cell-by-cell with all your favorite ODS features, such as proportional fonts, traffic lighting in cells, and embedded images, and you can also create non-rectangular output, insert sub-totals, and manage your layout.

SAS Notes for ODS and the DATA step
These SAS Notes, FAQs, and samples are compiled by SAS R&D and Technical Support.

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The developers, testers and documentation folk that bring you Base SAS Software are very excited about the potential of these new capabilities of the SAS System. You can send electronic mail to Base.Research@sas.com with your comments.