SAS Focus Areas

SAS Focus Areas are here to address your needs as a SAS user and offer you an intimate look at new and existing SAS products and solutions. This section of the Customer Support Site was renamed from SAS Communities to SAS Focus Areas during the site update in October 2007.

The Focus Is On...

Base SAS®

Take your base SAS software skills to the edge! visit now


Explore, discover, and communicate your information visually with SAS graphing components. visit now

Enterprise Management Integration

Get tips, techniques and tools that enable integration with vendor enterprise IT system management facilities. visit now


Lead your organization to SAS®9. visit now

Scalability & Performance

Reduce the time-to-solution for your critical tasks. visit now

Statistics & Operations Research

Leverage our work in statistics and operations research. visit now

SAS® AppDev Studio

Use the Eclipse platform to support SAS applications. visit now