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SAS has long developed software for data analysis, econometrics, operations research, and quality improvement. The purpose of these pages is to provide our users with technical information about using this software, including details about software capabilities, examples, papers, e-newsletter, and communities.

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SAS Global Forum SAS Global Forum 2017

If you are still debating whether to attend this year, consider what you might miss:

  • Statistical Tutorials on Sunday
  • Over a dozen presentations by SAS staff on new capabilities
  • Numerous emerging technology presentations for a glimpse into future software from SAS for analytics
  • Over 40 scheduled "super demos" on the exhibition floor
  • Ready access to R&D staff
  • Practical presentations by other users

You can browse all the presentations to see what else might interest you.

Fitting Multilevel Hierarchical Mixed Models Using PROC NLMIXED

Hierarchical nonlinear mixed models are complex models that occur naturally in many fields. The NLMIXED procedure's ability to fit linear and nonlinear models with standard or general distributions enables you to fit a wide range of such models. SAS/STAT® 13.2 enhanced PROC NLMIXED to support multiple RANDOM statements, enabling you to fit nested multilevel mixed models. This paper uses an example to illustrate the new functionality.

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Upcoing Conferences

2017 American Statistical Association Conference on Statistical Practice
Feb. 23–25, 2017
Jacksonville, FL

ENAR 2017
Mar. 12–15, 2017
Washington, DC

SAS Global Forum 2017
Apr. 2–5, 2017
Orlando, FL

May 14–17, 2017
Baltimore, MD

Blog Graphically Speaking

A popular blog that focuses on SAS ODS Graphics is Graphically Speaking. Distinguished Research Statistical Developer Warren Kuhfeld has written several posts that might be of interest. Check out the ones on editing the template that PROC SGPLOT writes, a title change macro, and basic and advanced axis tables.