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SAS has long developed software for data analysis, econometrics, operations research, and quality improvement. The purpose of these pages is to provide our users with technical information about using this software, including details about software capabilities, examples, papers, e-newsletter, and communities.

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Step Up Your Statistical Practice with Today’s SAS/STAT Software

Has the rapid pace of SAS/STAT releases left you unaware of powerful enhancements that could make a difference in your work? Increase your awareness of modern tools in SAS/STAT by reading about high-level comparisons with well-established tools and explaining the benefits of enhancements and new procedures. Learn about resources that will guide you to new tools in other important areas, such as Bayesian analysis, causal inference, item response theory, methods for missing data, and survey data analysis.

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videos New SAS/OR Videos

Ed Hughes and Rob Pratt demo everything from how to win at Blackjack with SAS/OR to calling SAS programs with SAS Simulation Studio.

SAS Simulation Studio: Power Up by Calling SAS Programs

Computing an Optimal Blackjack Strategy with SAS/OR

SAS NICU Simulations Demo

Blog The Do Loop

Distinguished Research Statistician Developer Rick Wicklin shows you how to work with quantiles and medians in SAS®, including how to use the QUANTREG procedure to produce confidence intervals for a weighted analysis.

Another post discusses how to compute Monte Carlo estimates of joint probabilities.

SAS/STAT User Still Moving to the SAS 9.4 Platform?

If you are moving up to SAS 9.4 and would like to catch up on the recent SAS/STAT releases on that platform, this handout is for you! Get an overview of our new additions in missing data analysis, modern survival data analysis, statistical modeling, spatial point pattern analysis, Bayesian analysis, item response analysis, classification and regression trees, and performance enhancements. There’s truly something here for everyone. And if you aren’t currently on the move, feel free to use this handout however it helps you get into the passing lane!

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