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SAS has long developed software for data analysis, econometrics, operations research, and quality improvement. The purpose of these pages is to provide our users with technical information about using this software, including details about software capabilities, examples, papers, e-newsletter, and communities.

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SAS Global Forum logo Can't Stop Talking about SAS Global Forum

We thought we'd highlight some of our own division's talks at SAS Global Forum, giving you the inside scoop on what we think you should attend if you are going, and what proceedings papers you should look out for if you're not. In addition, don't forget the Super Demos, short presentations in the software demonstration area that provide important information about key software features. This year we have 28 Super Demos in the Analytics area alone, and 126 overall. We'll convert many of the analytical demos into web videos during the summer. Added this year are some paper suggestions from the R&D staff. Keep looking, as information is being added all the time.

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What's Most Important in SAS/STAT 14.1 Software?

Many of you are upgrading to SAS 9.4 and the 14.1 analytical products releases. Sure, you can review the "What's New" chapter (and you should) or read the paper "SAS/STAT 14.1: Methods for Massive, Missing, or Multifaceted Data", but you could also watch the SAS/STAT developers tell you what they think are the most important new features in SAS/STAT software.

Basic ODS Graphics Examples book cover New! Basic ODS Graphics Examples

This book introduces the Graph Template Language (GTL) and the statistical graphics (SG) procedures SGPLOT, SGSCATTER, and SGPANEL. The GTL enables you to make a wide variety of modern statistical graphs by using a powerful language. The SG procedures enable you to make a more limited set of graphs by using a simpler but less powerful syntax. If you are a SAS user and you need to create graphs, then this book is for you.

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