Platform Suite for SAS®

This integrated enterprise job scheduler from Platform Computing Corporation manages job flows that are generated by SAS software. Platform Suite for SAS includes the following components: Process Manager Server, Platform Flow Manager, Platform Calendar Editor and Platform Load Sharing Facility.

The most recent release is Platform Suite for SAS 12.1.

What’s New

  • Process Manager Server
    • Controls the submission of jobs to Platform Load Sharing Facility and manages all dependencies among jobs.
  • Platform Flow Manager
    • Provides a visual representation of flows that have been created for a Process Manager Server. These include flows that were created and scheduled in the SAS Management Console Schedule Manager, as well as reports that have been scheduled through SAS Web Report Studio.

      Platform Flow Manager provides information about each flow's status and associated dependencies. You can view or update the status of jobs within a flow, and you can run or rerun a single job regardless of whether the job failed or completed successfully.
  • Platform Calendar Editor
    • A scheduling client for a Process Manager Server. This client enables you to create new calendar entries. You can use it to create custom versions of calendars that create time dependencies for jobs scheduled to run on the server.
  • Platform Load Sharing Facility (LSF):
    • Handles the load balancing and execution of batch commands, which represent jobs. Platform LSF manages and accelerates batch workload processing for computer- and data-intensive applications. Process Manager Servers use Platform LSF for the execution of the jobs within a flow. You must install Platform LSF on all SAS batch servers as well as all other servers that will execute scheduled SAS jobs. 
  • Platform RTM for SAS

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Previous Versions

The Platform Suite for SAS can be ordered as an add-on to provide enterprise scheduling capabilities on a single SMP server for the following SAS products/solutions:

  • SAS Data Integration Studio
  • SAS Web Report Studio
  • SAS Marketing Automation
  • SAS Marketing Optimization
  • any SAS program (with modifications)

The Platform Suite for SAS is delivered as part of the SAS Grid Manager product and provides enterprise scheduling across distributed machines in a grid as well as load balancing of multiple SAS applications and parallelized single applications for many SAS products/solutions, for example:

  • SAS Data Integration Studio
  • SAS Web Report Studio
  • SAS Marketing Automation
  • SAS Marketing Optimization
  • SAS Enterprise Miner
  • SAS Risk Dimensions
  • SAS Enterprise Guide
  • any SAS program (with modifications)

Note that the Platform Suite for SAS components may only be used for SAS applications. SAS applications include SAS programs and applications as well as scriptsor other tools that are used directly in support of your SAS environment. Any use of the components outside of the SAS framework will result in job termination within one minute. A full, unrestricted license can be obtained by contacting IBM/Platform.

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