SAS Grid Computing Downloads

This page contains various downloads to give you tools to make the most of your SAS grid environment.

Download NameDescriptionLinkLast Updated
Sample Scripts for use with the SAS Workload Orchestrator

Example scripts for use with SAS Workload Orchestrator. Samples include

  • Job Change
  • Resource Definition / Query
  • High-Availability Service Management

Scripts are provided in following formats:

  • Windows command script
  • Windows PowerShell script
  • Python program
  • Bash Script
How to Interface Your Enterprise Scheduler with SAS Grid ManagerA set of scripts to enable use of an existing enterprise scheduler to transparently submit jobs to SAS Grid Jan 2014
Using SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office 5.1 with SAS Grid ManagerProvides details on how to enable SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 jobs and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office 5.1 jobs to be submitted to the grid.EGAMO5.1_Grid_Integration.pdf Feb
Using SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 or 4.2, SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office 4.3 and SAS Stored Processes with SAS Grid ManagerThe file contains the SAS code and detailed steps necessary to enable SAS Enterprise Guide jobs, SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office jobs and SAS stored pro c esses to be submitted to th e grid. The zip file contains a readme.txt file that explains the purpose of each of the files contained in the zip file. For 9.2M3 SAS Grid deployments, you must also apply hotfix B25086 to the Grid Control Server and all nodes. Search the SA S Hotfix page for hotfixes that may have superseded B25086 and any other required hotfixes.EG_AMO_SP.zipFeb
SAS Grid Computing Toolbox

The Grid Toolbox contains several tools to facilitate submission of SAS programs to a grid environment. The following tools are included in this toolbox:

Key Definition for Automatic Program Submission to the Grid (gridkeydef.doc)

The %Distribute Macro (

Program to Test Initial Grid Install (

Fast Version of the Program to Test Initial Grid Install ( Feb