SAS® Intelligent Performance Management

Improve the accuracy of financial plans and cost modeling with this suite of products. SAS Intelligent Performance Management includes SAS® Financial Management and SAS® Cost and Profitability Management.  SAS Financial Management enables you to perform consolidations, develop budgets, report and analyze results, and understand revenue, costs, and profitability. SAS® Cost and Profitability Management models business processes as cost flows among accounts such as resource, activity, and cost-object.

The most recent release is SAS Intelligent Performance Management on the SAS® Viya® platform.

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SAS Financial Management (SAS Viya Platform)

SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS Viya Platform)

The documentation for this solution is provided on a secure site that requires an access key. Licensed customers can request the access key from SAS Technical Support. To expedite your request, please include SAS Cost and Profitability Management in the subject field of the form.