SAS® Grid Manager

Distribute tasks among multiple computers on a network to enable workload balancing, accelerated processing and job scheduling. SAS Grid Manager is a flexible, centrally managed grid computing environment that helps you meet peak computing demands reliably and cost-effectively.

The most recent release is SAS Grid Manager 9.4.

What’s New

  • SAS Grid Manager for Hadoop has been added to support SAS grid processing co-located on a Hadoop cluster.
  • A SAS Grid Manager agent plug-in has been added to SAS Environment Manager for grids that use Platform Suite for SAS.
  • A SAS Grid Manager module has been added to SAS Environment Manager for grids that use Platform Suite for SAS.
  • Support for grid options sets has been added. A grid options set is a collection of grid options, SAS options, and required resources that is defined in metadata. You can then map a grid options set to a combination of a SAS client application and one or more metadata identities. SAS Grid Manager automatically applies the options in the grid options set to the workload submitted to the client application based on the user accessing the application.
  • Support for grid-launched workspace servers has been added. With grid-launched workspace servers, SAS workspace server requests are passed to SAS Grid Manager, which uses the grid's policy management to decide where to start the server.
  • New options for SAS Grid Manager Client Utility have been added, including options to specify how long to wait for results and options to provide support for digital certificates when using TLS/SSL.

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SAS Grid Manager 9.4

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