SAS® Factory Miner

Build and retrain predictive models across either business or customer segments. SAS Factory Miner, which runs as an add-on to SAS® Enterprise Miner, provides an automated web-based framework that enables you to use machine learning and statistical algorithms to test many modeling approaches simultaneously across many segments, then automatically pick the best model for each segment.

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The most recent release is SAS Factory Miner 15.1.

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SAS Factory Miner 15.1

Previous Versions


SAS Factory Miner 14.2

SAS Factory Miner 14.1

  • Getting Started with SAS Factory Miner 14.1 PDF | HTML
  • Example Data for Getting Started with SAS Factory Miner 14.1 ZIP
  • SAS Factory Miner 14.1: Administration and Configuration PDF
  • SAS Factory Miner 14.1: User's Guide PDF
  • Accessibility Features for SAS Factory Miner 14.1 HTML
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