SASPy is an open source Python package that allows Python coders to access SAS data and analytics capabilities. Add SASPy to your Python environment, configure it to connect to your SAS environment, and begin using Python to access SAS.

SASPy supports “pythonic” access to SAS, including:

  • Data exchange between SAS and Pandas DataFrame objects.
  • Python classes to access machine learning, econometrics, and other SAS capabilities.
  • Python commands for statistics and visualization.
  • Ability to submit any SAS program and retrieve data or ODS results in your Python environment.

SASPy can be used from Jupyter Notebook, JupyterLab, or from any Python console/scripting environment.

SASPy is open source and available on GitHub and PyPI. User contributions are accepted.

Get Started

Find all SASPy documentation, including install and configuration information is at

You can install SASPy using pip install.

The following command will pull down the latest PyPI package and install it:
pip install saspy

You can also download and install a specific release or clone the GitHub repository and install from a local version.


Example Notebooks and use cases can be found at sassoftware/saspy-examples.

Sample Notebook Screenshots

Notebook Examples