SAS® Optimization

Analysts, data scientists and other optimization professionals can identify actions that will produce the best results with this programming entry point, running in SAS® Viya®. By accessing the LP, MILP, network and QP optimization solvers from SAS® clients or from clients other than SAS (Python, Lua, Java and R), you can leverage the speed, scalability and elasticity of the SAS in-memory environment. SAS Optimization requires SAS® Visual Analytics and includes SAS/OR®.

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The most recent release is SAS Optimization 8.4.

What’s New

  • The MILP solver, the solveMilp action, and PROC OPTMILP add the ability to report up to the k best integer feasible solutions or up to k optimal integer feasible solutions (within a relative tolerance limit).
  • The NLP solver adds a primal-dual interior point algorithm on an experimental basis. This algorithm delivers superior performance for many problems.
  • The runOptmodel action supports the COFOR statement (in the OPTMODEL code it executes) in single-machine mode.
  • The MILP solver adds root node solution options and improvements in cut management.
  • The LP and MILP solvers and the DECOMP algorithm add performance improvements.

Videos & Tutorials

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