SAS® Workflow Studio

Build, organize, and deploy complex workflows and efficiently adjust business logic when necessary. SAS Workflow Studio is a modeling tool for the rapid development of workflow templates that reflect an application’s business logic, enabling you to modify and extend the default workflow templates that are provided with certain SAS applications and solutions.

The most recent release is SAS Workflow Studio 1.3.

What’s New

  • Additional authorization support for run-time access control and template management.
  • Improved validation when creating and activating workflow templates.
  • New template version comparison dialog box.
  • Enhanced policy support for SOAP and REST web services.
  • New policy support for the SAS Job Execution Service.
  • Date data object and negative offset support for timer events.
  • Support for a new TODAY function in decision gateways.


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SAS Workflow Studio 1.3

  • SAS Workflow Studio 1.3: User's Guide, Second Edition PDF | HTML  

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