SAS® Visual Forecasting

Quickly produce a large number of reliable forecasts with an open forecasting ecosystem. SAS Visual Forecasting, which requires SAS® Visual Analytics and runs in SAS® Viya®, provides a resilient, distributed time series analysis and scripting environment for cloud computing. It also provides automatic model generation, variable and event selection, parameter optimization, model selection and forecast generation.

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The most recent release is SAS Visual Forecasting 8.4.

What's New

  • Ability to create predefined sets of time series and forecast attributes, for use in viewers and overrides.
  • Time Series Viewer and Forecast Viewer for visualization of individual or multiple series, including envelope plots.
  • Enhanced segmentation capability (up to 1000 segments), with prebuilt demand classification segmentation template
  • Global filters and filter manager – share filters across viewers and overrides
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG) project summary

Get Started

Ready to generate forecasts from your historical data? These resources are a good place to start.

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Learn about the capabilities and functionality of SAS Visual Forecasting.

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Learn the basics

Learn how to get started with SAS Visual Forecasting with these tutorials:

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Browse our library of free SAS Visual Forecasting tutorials to learn something new or sharpen your skills.

Learn about the pipeline functionality in SAS Visual Forecasting.

Learn about modeling and forecasting time series automatically in SAS Visual Forecasting.

Learn about creating and fitting a user specified model in SAS Visual Forecasting.

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