SAS® Open Model Manager

Register, modify, track, score, publish and report on open-source models with this web-based application. SAS Open Model Manager enables you to store models within folders or projects, develop and validate candidate models, and assess candidate models for champion model selection, then publish and monitor champion models.

The most recent release is SAS Open Model Manager 1.2.

What’s New

SAS Open Model Manager is delivered as a singular, portable image that can be deployed in a Docker Community Edition (Docker CE) or Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) Linux environment. It enables you to:

  • Use native Python code in Jupyter notebooks to import, export and manage models.
  • Store SAS and open-source models in the same project.
  • Publish Python and R open-source models to run-time containers.
  • Use model score code to test open-source models online, as well as validate published models within run-time containers.
  • Run monitoring jobs to measure the performance of models on historical and current data.
  • View various model and project metrics such as the number of published models.

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