SAS® Solution for CECL

SAS Solution for CECL is an add-on component to SAS® Risk Stratum: Enterprise. Its modeling, workflow and reporting content is designed to reduce implementation time, increase usability and performance, and simplify maintenance.


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SAS Solution for CECL

SAS Solution for CECL is installed on the SAS Risk Governance framework.

The documentation for SAS Solution for CECL is intended for use by existing customers and requires an access key. You can obtain the access key from your SAS consultant or by contacting SAS Technical Support. To expedite your request, please include SAS Solution for CECL in the subject field of the form. Be sure to provide the SAS Site Number for your software license along with your request.

SAS Solution for CECL v02.2020 Documentation

SAS Solution Content for CECL v07.2019 Documentation

SAS Solution for CECL Content Release

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