SAS IML provides a high-level matrix language that enables you to execute a custom analysis in SAS® Viya®.  The programming language supports hundreds of functions that perform matrix computations, linear algebra, optimization, simulation, and data analysis. You can write a program that distributes independent computations across multiple threads on one or more CPUs. Examples of parallel  computations include simulation studies, bootstrap computations, permutation tests, and other similar analyses. SAS IML includes SAS/IML® and requires SAS® Visual Analytics.

The most recent release is SAS IML 8.5.

Highlights of Features

SAS IML 8.5 enables you to do the following: 

  •  Run most existing SAS/IML programs in the iml action
  • Write programs that distribute computational tasks across multiple nodes and threads on a cluster of machines. Each thread can run a different task, or each thread can run the same task on different data.
  • Read and write CAS tables in parallel
  • Score CAS data tables in parallel
  • Call other actions from within the iml action and use the results of those actions
  • Create an analytic store that can be used to score a data table at a later time



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