SAS® Visual Analytics

Visualize and discover relevant relationships in your data. Create and share interactive reports and dashboards, and use self-service analytics to quickly assess probable outcomes for smarter, more data-driven decisions.

Reports created by SAS Visual Analytics can be shared on tablets and phones with the SAS Visual Analytics App, or with SAS® Office Analytics components.

Recent Releases for SAS® Viya® 
Released in August 2019

Recent Releases for SAS® 9.4
Released in May 2019

SAS Visual Analytics offers a leading business intelligence and analytics solution to visually discover relevant relationships in your data, create and share interactive reports and dashboards, and use self-service analytics to quickly assess probable outcomes and make smarter, data driven-decisions.

SAS® Visual Statistics helps you get predicted values from the predictive models. It requires SAS Visual Analytics.

The reports created using SAS Visual Analytics can be shared on tablets and phones using SAS® Visual Analytics App, or they can be shared in Microsoft Office applications using SAS® Office Analytics components. You can also create your own customized mobile app to display SAS Visual Analytics content using the SAS® SDK.

New for SAS Visual Analytics 8.4

  • The user interface has been enhanced. For example, the features in SAS Report Viewer are now fully integrated into the SAS Visual Analytics user interface. Users can now move between editing and viewing reports without switching applications.
  • A new side pane called Suggestions provides you with suggested objects for your report after you have selected a data source.
  • Existing objects have been improved. For example, the Automated analysis object has been redesigned and renamed Automated explanation, crosstabs have new options for disabling horizontal and vertical lines, and list tables have a new option that lets you freeze a column.
  • You can now enable users who are viewing your reports to customize their view of the report. The Viewer Customization report option controls the level of customization that is permitted.
  • Usability and performance have been improved. For example, reports and report prompt values are loaded more quickly.
  • There are new settings. For example, you can specify that you want to override the report theme and use the SAS High Contrast report theme for all of your reports.
  • Accessibility has been enhanced. For example, there is keyboard support for moving objects and there is a new Keyboard Shortcuts window.

Note: Some of the features that are new or enhanced in the 8.4 release were available in the 7.5 release.

New for SAS Visual Analytics 7.5

  • The user interface has been rewritten in HTML5. Previously, many SAS applications and SAS solutions used the Adobe Flash Player to provide interactive user interfaces. Adobe announced that it intends to end support for Flash technology and will cease to update and distribute the Flash Player at the end of 2020. Browser vendors will disable Flash by default in 2019. For more information about Adobe Flash end-of-life, see SAS Software and Its Use of the Adobe Flash Player.
  • The SAS Visual Analytics Explorer (the explorer) and the SAS Visual Analytics Designer (the designer) interfaces have been combined into a single interface.
  • There are new side panes. For example, the new Outline pane provides you with a convenient way to work with pages and objects in your report.
  • The existing side panes have been updated. For example, you can right-click a data item in the Data pane to add it as either a report control or a page control.
    New objects have been added. For example, the new key value object can be used to highlight numeric and categorical values in an infographic.
  • Existing objects have been improved. For example, the pop-up menus now enable you to move objects; sort, replace, or remove data items; and print or share an object.
  • New features are available for geo maps. For example, geo maps support animation for all map types.
  • There are enhanced parameters. For example, you can have parameters with multiple values, which enable you to use them in a list control.
  • Accessibility has been enhanced. SAS Visual Analytics is now accessible via the keyboard. Some graphs have integration with SAS Graphics Accelerator.

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Hot fixes for SAS Visual Analytics on SAS Viya are available by downloading updates for the applicable SAS Viya release from the SAS Viya Hot Fix Availability page. For example, if you have release 8.3, then install the applicable update for SAS Viya 3.4.


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