The SAS/C Compiler and Library provides a versatile C and C++ development environment for IBM® System/390TM mainframes. The features of the compiler and library include full compliance with the ANSI and ISO standards for the C and C++ programming languages and a wealth of library extensions that enable you to fully exploit the power of the System/390TM operating environments. The primary elements of the SAS/C Compiler are the complier, linker, full-screen debugger and the freely redistributable run-time library.


The most recent release is SAS/C 7.50.


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SAS/C Release 7.50

SAS/C Compiler Documentation

  • SAS/C Software, Release 7.50, April 2004  HTML
  • Help for SAS/C is available within the product.

SAS/C Supplemental Documentation

  • SAS/C Product Tour  HTML
  • SAS/C Compiler Interlanguage Communications Feature User's Guide, Release 4.00  PDF (50MB)
  • SMP Packaging for SAS/C Based Products  HTML

Previous Versions


SAS/C Release 7.00

  • SAS/C Software, Release 7.00, April 2001  HTML


SAS/C Release 6.50

  • SAS/C Software, Release 6.50  HTML  

Software Downloads

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