SAS® Intelligent Pricing

Increase sales and gross margins with a proactive approach to optimizing price, promotion, and markdown strategies. SAS® Intelligent Pricing allows companies to manage retail pricing strategies with in-depth, real-time insights into price elasticity, product affinity, promotion lift, and seasonal trends for every item in every store and channel. The solution supports price optimization for both in-season and clearance cycles and allows the planning, execution, and analysis of promotions based on consumer demand down to the store/SKU level.

The most recent release is SAS Intelligent Pricing on the SAS Viya platform.

Starting with 2023.08 release, SAS Revenue Optimization is known as SAS Intelligent Pricing.

Starting with SAS 9.4M8, SAS Regular Price Optimization, SAS Promotion Optimization, and SAS Revenue Optimization 5.4 on SAS 9.4 are no longer available.

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SAS Intelligent Pricing

The documentation for SAS Intelligent Pricing is provided on a secure site that requires a user ID and password, which you can obtain by contacting your SAS consultant or SAS Technical Support. In order to expedite your request, please include  SAS Intelligent Pricing in the subject field of the form.  

Previous Versions

SAS Revenue Optimization

The documentation for the SAS Revenue Optimization is intended for use by existing customers and requires an access key. You can obtain the access key from your SAS consultant or by contacting SAS Technical Support. To expedite your request, please include SAS Revenue Optimization in the subject field of the form. Be sure to provide the SAS Site Number for your software license along with your request.

*Note: For details on how to open a Technical Support case for SAS Revenue Optimization on SAS 9.4, please see Usage Note 47386: SAS Revenue Optimization Suite 5.X - Reporting Issues to Technical Support

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