This user-friendly software is a front-end to the SAS System. Push-button menus provide options for completing tasks without writing code. Save programs and run them repetitively, and customize the interface to better suit your needs as well as the environment of the work to be accomplished.

The most recent release is SAS/ASSIST 9.4.


Find user's guides and other technical documentation for SAS/ASSIST.

SAS/ASSIST 9.4, 9.3, 9.2 and 9.1 Software

  • What's New in SAS/ASSIST HTML
  • Doing More with SAS/ASSIST PDF | HTML
  • Getting Started with SAS/ASSIST PDF | HTML
  • SAS/ASSIST Administrator's Guide PDF | HTML

Previous Versions


SAS/ASSIST 8.2 Software

  • SAS/ASSIST Software: Changes and Enhancements for Release 8.2 PDF | SAS OnlineDoc