SAS® Visual Statistics

Explore data and build or adjust predictive analytical models with this solution running in SAS® Viya®.  Data scientists, statisticians and analysts can collaborate and iteratively refine models for each segment or group to make decisions based on accurate insights. The technology includes SAS® Visual Analytics, SAS/GRAPH® and SAS/STAT®.

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The most recent release for SAS Viya is SAS Visual Statistics 8.3. 
The most recent release for SAS 9.4 is SAS Visual Statistics 7.5.

What's New in 8.3

  • Ability to select a subset of variables or observations in an object's visualization and create a new object using only those variables or observations.
  • Support for multiple partition data items.
  • Variable selection results can be displayed in modeling objects.
  • Enhanced decision tree pruning algorithm.
  • Added Bayesian Network object.
  • Ability to insert SAS Visual Statistics and SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning models into an existing Model Studio project.
  • Improved connections between SAS Visual Statistics and SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning and Model Studio.
  • New procedures:
    • The ICA procedure performs independent component analysis, extracting from the data factors that are as statistically independent from each other as possible.
    • The MIXED procedure fits linear mixed models and enables you to use these fitted models to make statistical inferences.
    • The MBC procedure performs model-based clustering by fitting mixtures of multivariate Gaussian distributions to achieve unsupervised clustering of data.
    • The MODELMATRIX procedure creates a design matrix (a matrix of covariates) that is associated with a MODEL statement and data table that you specify.

What's New in 7.5

  • The user interface has been rewritten in HTML5. Previously, many SAS applications and SAS solutions used the Adobe Flash Player to provide interactive user interfaces. Adobe announced that it intends to end support for Flash technology and will cease to update and distribute the Flash Player at the end of 2020. Browser vendors will disable Flash by default in 2019. For more information about Adobe Flash end-of-life, see SAS Software and Its Use of the Adobe Flash Player.
  • The SAS® Visual Analytics Explorer (the explorer) and the SAS® Visual Analytics Designer (the designer) interfaces have been combined into a single interface.
  • You can select Duplicate as to duplicate an object and change its type at the same time.
  • You can create new objects from data items that are selected in other objects.
  • You can export the score code of the champion model.
  • New detail tables relating to model information, lift, ROC, and assessment statistics are available.
  • Model Comparison objects are saved in the reports.
  • New settings and style options are available.

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