SAS® Dynamic Actuarial Modeling

SAS Dynamic Actuarial Modeling supports end-to-end pricing from data management (including data quality controls), modeling, deployment, and integrated reporting. Insurance companies will improve their modeling agility and accuracy by leveraging industry-leading modeling and analytical capabilities. It delivers real-time quotations based on customizable model parameters and decision factors. Auditable actions and governance compliance capabilities are inherent features of this product.

The most recent release is SAS Dynamic Actuarial Modeling.

What’s New

  • End-to-end guided pricing process – covers the entire pricing process from data import and management to the premium decision deployment.
  • Ratemaking node – modifies and exposes risk factors coefficients in a traceable and auditable way with a GLM model node that has dedicated actuarial content.
  • Interactive grouping node – makes the grouping of variables easy by automatically producing the results that can be manually reviewed and changed in an easy and interactive manner.
  • Pricing optimization node – enables simulation of renewal scenarios based on churn probability and a customized profit margin function, and includes an easy-to-use editor to add constraints.


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SAS Dynamic Actuarial Modeling

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