SAS® IT Charge Management

Keep pace with a constantly changing work environment – including multiple platforms, new technologies and dedicated equipment – with this chargeback software. SAS® IT Charge Management provides an open architecture to quickly implement accounting for any measurement. With an interactive client/server interface, administration is reduced to a fraction of the effort required with a traditional chargeback system.

The most recent release is SAS IT Charge Management 2.4.

What's New

  • open architecture
  • extensive data sources for z/OS
  • Extensive data sources for open systems
  • Data sources for Windows
  • Integration with other SAS software


Find user's guides and other technical documentation for SAS IT Charge Management.

SAS IT Charge Management*

  • SAS IT Charge Management 2.4: User's Guide PDF
  • SAS IT Charge Management 2.4: Enterprise Reporter Installation Guide PDF
  • Migrating SAS IT Charge Management from SAS 8.2 to SAS 9.1.3 PDF
* SAS IT Charge Management is not being developed beyond SAS IT Charge Management 2.4. (SAS IT Charge Management 2.4 works with SAS IT Resource Management 2.7 on SAS 9.1.3 and it is supported at Technical Support Level C.)  SAS recommends the use of SAS Profitability Management and IT Resource Management for the purposes of IT chargebacks.

Previous Versions


SAS IT Charge Management 2.3

  • Changes and Enhancements in IT Charge Manager, Release 2.3 PDF
  • SAS IT Charge Management 2.3 User's Guide Errata Sheet PDF
  • Migrating Your IT Charge Manager Environment from SAS Version 6 to SAS Version 8 PDF
  • AccountView Instructions for IT Charge Manager, Release 2.3 PDF