SAS® Enterprise Guide®

Access the functionality of SAS from a point-and-click Windows interface. SAS Enterprise Guide provides transparent access to data as well as the ability to export it to other applications. It's an easy-to-use menu- and wizard-driven tool for analyzing data and sharing results.

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The most recent release is SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1.

SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1 offers the following new features:

  • Modern, new interface giving you greater flexibility to manage your workspace with multiple tabs/panes and the ability to rearrange tabs/panes or even drag them to another monitor. 
  • SAS Enterprise Guide no longer requires you to use a project to manage all of your data, tasks, programs, and results. You can still use projects or you can use SAS Enterprise Guide as a tool to open and work on individual files. 
  • Searchable, web-based documentation. 
  • Please see the SAS Enterprise Help Center for more details.

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SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 runs on SAS 9.2 and SAS 9.3.  For more information, see Frequently asked questions about SAS 9.3 and SAS Enterprise Guide.

SAS Technical Papers

Read technical papers to learn how to complete a task or achieve a goal.

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Find quick solutions to problems or conduct routine system maintenance. SAS hot fixes have been tested and are fully supported.

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