SAS® Decision Manager

Automate operational decisions that boost profitability, improve customer satisfaction and promote efficiency. SAS Decision Manager helps you manage data, business rules, analytical models and workflows with a consistent interface for easier accessibility. If you're in an industry that's highly regulated, such as financial services, health care or insurance, you can more easily achieve compliance with repeatable, traceable decisions. 

The most recent release for the SAS® Viya® platform is SAS Decision Manager 5.2

The most recent release for SAS 9.4 is SAS Decision Manager 3.3

Beginning with Release 5.3, SAS Decision Manager has been renamed SAS® Intelligent Decisioning.

What's New in SAS Decision Manager 5.2

SAS Decision Manager 5.2, which runs on SAS® Viya® 3.4, enables you to:

  • Use data grid variables in rule sets by providing macros for serializing data grids and combining them with tables that contain scalar data.
  • Add and edit custom DS2 code files in decisions.
  • Add analytic store models to decisions and publish the decisions to SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS), Apache Hadoop, SAS Micro Analytic Service and Teradata.
  • Specify that published rule sets and decisions generate rule-fired tracking data or decision-path tracking data.
  • Validate published content inside the publishing destination.
  • View the publishing history of rule sets and decisions.
  • Integrate with more technologies, including SAS® Model Manager, SAS® Environment Manager, SAS® Data Explorer, SAS® Micro Analytic Service and SAS® Visual Analytics, SAS® Drive, SAS® Lineage and SAS® Studio.

What's New in SAS Decision Manager 3.3

Starting with the SAS Decision Manager 3.3 on SAS 9.4M6 release, the user interface has been rewritten in HTML5. 

New features and enhancements in this release enable you to perform the following tasks:

  • edit rules in an improved, simplified rule set editor. The previous views in the rule set editor are no longer available.
  • add a stand-alone assignment statement to a rule set.
  • create and manage folders in the Manage Folders window. The Manage Folders window replaces the New Folder window and the previous Actions menu in the Projects and Portfolios category views.
  • work with models in the Models category view. The Models category view replaces the Inventory category view, and provides a way to import models into a folder, as well as export models and manage models in one place.

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