SAS® Workflow Manager

Define, automate, audit and refine business processes with these process management systems. SAS Workflow Manager enables you to integrate fundamental process management into the model life cycle with SAS® Model Manager.

The most recent release is SAS Workflow Manager 2.3.

What’s New

  • Workflow administrators can create and manage business calendars to exclude specific days of the week, dates, or both for timer events. Users can add the business calendars to boundary timer events.
  • Configure a default workflow administrator account for users who can administer SAS Workflow definitions.
  • Manage administrative failure notifications for additional service task and timer failures.
  • Add users or groups to the Excluded Owner role. Using excluded owners ensures that the same person does not review the task twice and can increase the transparency of an organization’s processes.
  • Use transient variables with service tasks to store values that are required for the next step in the workflow.
  • Save REST Service Tasks as custom task templates. Task templates can be selected for use in other workflow definitions.


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