Optimize processes, address management science challenges and identify which actions will produce the best results while operating within limitations and restrictions. SAS/OR enables you to consider alternative actions and scenarios when accomplishing goals.

SAS Simulation Studio is a graphical application enabling you to build, run and analyze discrete-event simulation models. Application areas include retail, customer service, health care and transportation. The technology's graphical user interface provides extensive modeling tools suitable for both novice and advanced simulation users. It requires a valid version of either SAS/OR® or JMP® software.

The most recent release are SAS/OR 15.1 and SAS Simulation Studio 15.1.

What’s New

SAS/OR 15.1 includes performance improvements to its optimization procedures and solvers, including the following enhancements:

  • The LP, MILP, network, QP, NLP, and CLP solvers and the decomposition algorithm (for LP and MILP) add performance and stability improvements.
  • The LP and MILP solvers significantly reduce their memory consumption.
  • The LP solver replaces its presolver.
  • The MILP solver and the OPTMILP procedure add the ability to report multiple solutions.
  • The network solver adds a path enumeration algorithm to find all paths between specified nodes.
  • The connected components algorithm in the OPTNET procedure adds support for the thin internal graph format.
  • The DECOMP algorithm adds the COMMUNITY value to the METHOD= option.
  • The CLP solver adds the CUMULATIVE predicate, and the CLP procedure adds the CUMULATIVE statement.
  • The NLP solver adds a new interior point solution algorithm on an experimental basis.
  • The LSO (local search optimization) solver is added and is called by the OPTMODEL procedure.

SAS Simulation Studio 15.1 adds several enhancements, including the following:

  • Improvements in the layout of the graphical user interface (GUI), including collapsible block templates and tabbed project panels
  • Easier access to recently opened projects
  • The ability to save the size and position of Model and Experiment windows in the last project opened
  • Ease-of-use enhancements for models and experiments
  • Improved performance in model execution, especially when reading or writing data multiple times
  • Authentication during batch mode model runs without the need to open the GUI

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SAS/OR 15.1

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