DataFlux® Data Management Server

Enable your client applications to execute jobs and real-time services in a high-performance environment with DataFlux Data Management Server. Jobs can be uploaded from SAS Data Management Studio to a DataFlux Data Management Server, where the jobs are executed. Data management jobs can merge customer, product, or other enterprise data. They can integrate disparate data sets and ensure data quality.

SAS Data Management Studio is a data management suite combining data quality, data integration and master data management.

Expression Language provides statements, functions and variables for manipulating data in SAS Data Loader for Hadoop, SAS Data Management Studio and SAS Event Stream Processing Engine.

The most recent releases are:

  • DataFlux Data Management Server 2.9
  • SAS Data Management Studio 2.9
  • Expression Language 2.9

What’s New

DataFlux Data Management Server 2.9 and SAS Data Management Studio 2.9 include the following:

Critical Changes
If you are using one of the following SAS products, see the corresponding topic for that product in the SAS® 9.4 Guide to Software Updates and Product Changes.

Other Updates

  • DataFlux Web Studio is no longer available
  • Changes added to the Loqate node
  • Requires Java 8
  • Adds custom connections to JDBC drivers (Experimental)
Expression Language 2.9

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