SAS® In-Memory Statistics

Get answers almost instantly. SAS In-Memory Statistics provides a single interactive programming environment for analytical data preparation, variable transformations, exploratory analysis, statistical modeling and machine-learning techniques, integrated modeling comparison, and scoring.

The most recent release is SAS In-Memory Statistics 2.6.

What’s New

Support for working with the third maintenance release of SAS 9.4 and SAS LASR Analytic Server 2.7.

Other features include:

  • SAS In-Memory Statistics enables interactive programming so that multiple users can analyze data extremely quickly.
  • SAS In-Memory Statistics utilizes in-memory analytical processing, so you can create, evaluate, and compare multiple statistical models quickly.
  • You can use statistical algorithms and machine-learning techniques to uncover patterns and trends in the data stored in Hadoop or Teradata.
  • You can analyze unstructured (and structured) data using a wide range of text analysis techniques.
  • You can also generate personalized, meaningful recommendations in real time with a high level of customization.


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