SAS® 360 Match

Marketers and digital publishers can go from data to insights to action with a single platform with SAS 360 Match. This solution integrates with other modules of the SAS® Customer Intelligence suite of products. 


SAS 360 Match is released continuously.

Prior to this release, this product is called SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers.

Key features include:

SAS 360 Match protects the privacy of our publishers, brands, and end users. For more information, see the SAS 360 Match Privacy Statement.

The latest features and changes to SAS 360 Match are listed on the SAS Communities. For more information, see the What’s New posts on the SAS 360 Match community.


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SAS 360 Match 

Privacy Statement 

Technical Documentation

  • SAS 360 Match HTML5 Creatives PDF 
  • SAS 360 Match Request API PDF  
  • SAS 360 Match Advanced Features Guide PDF 
  • SAS 360 Match Platform Integration Guide PDF 
  • SAS 360 Match Projecting Inventory PDF
  • SAS 360 Match Android SDK PDF
  • SAS 360 Match iOS SDK PDF

SAS 360 Match Blogs & Communities

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