SAS® Data Agent

This server allows movement of data within Cloud Data Exchange (CDE). You can deploy SAS Data Agent locally, on premises or in a cloud environment. A CLI is used to create definitions such as data services and data source names. The CLI is also used to define security domains for accessing data sources that are located on premises.


The most recent release is SAS Data Agent 2.5.

What’s New

  • SAS Data Agent is a component of Cloud Data Exchange (CDE). CDE is a data connection capability for SAS® Data Preparation on SAS® Viya® that performs high-volume data transfer from on-premises to SAS Viya in support of big data. Using SAS Data Agent to facilitate data transfer, CDE securely copies data from an on-premises data store to a cloud-based instance of SAS Viya. CDE stores on-premises data source credentials (userid/password) in a secured vault, so these never have to be stored or accessed outside the on-premises firewall.
  • Cloud Data Exchange fully supports certificate-based authentication of each endpoint in a secured HTTPS transport, as well as communication within the SAS Data Agent deployment based on SSL socket protocols. All communications that occur among SAS Data Agent components is performed using industry-standard SSL/TLS encryption.


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